Risen Kingdom Game Highly Compressed Download For Pc Free

Risen Kingdom Game is the best adventure version for pc lovers. You can make the house and create the building. You have the many chances to complete your mission; they guide you on how to do. You will be building Land with trees and beautiful houses.

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Risen Kingdom Free Download For Pc Full Version


Developer MyDreamForever, Tazdraperm
Publisher MyDreamForever
Release Date 28 Feb 2020
Rating 7/10
Available Steam Yes

There Are very dangerous enemy coming attacking on your land but you are king and everyone know you are a great warrior.


  • In this installment, you are the king of the country you will build houses and makes the mills
  • You will provide the food for people and give the animals.
  • In this land, you will make malls and banks to ensure the settlements.
  • You can make the best army and give him very hard training your warrior to defend your settlements
  • You will be providing the tower with the help of your labor.
  • Build the Thermal power because your people want electricity.
  • Providing the clothes, factories, and sugar mills.


Risen Kingdom Free Download For pc

System Requirements

  1. Graphics Card = 1 GB
  2. Ram = 2 GB
  3. Processor = 1.6 GHZ
  4. Hard Drive Space =  220 MB
  5. OS = Window Xp/7/9/10

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