Enter The Matrix Game Highly Compressed Download For PC Free

Enter The Matrix Game is the best action game for PC lovers. you can play with two marshaled heroes.  When the machine enters the world, they are controlling every people and tap shape them. They are powerful more than humans.

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Enter The Matric Game Highly Compressed Download For PC Full Version

Developer Shiny Entertainment
Publisher Info Games
Release Date May 14, 2004
Rating 8.5/10
Steam Yes

If you have done watching the movie, then you know about this. Its developer by under the banner of Shiny Entertainment and publisher Info Games. It has been sold 7.5 million copies in just seven weeks of around the world. 


  • You will get a mission, which is less of your chance to save the world.
  • You can see every machine,s the ability to enter into every human.
  • Walking on the wall is the best movement.
  • Its make as an actual movie, you will see real fighting and story.
  • You have a black gun that will help for killing every machine to arrive in hell.
  • You are wearing a black coat and wear sunglasses.
  • You can easily defeat every enemy with kick and punch.
  • In this installment, only one reason you can go to your home by phone call.


Enter The Matrix Game Download For PC

System Requirements

  1. OS = Window 98/2000 XP
  2. Ram =128 MB
  3. Hard Disk = 4.3 GB
  4. CPU = Pentium 111 8000 MHz / AMD Duron 800 MHz
  5. Sound = Window- Compatible Sound Card

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